Bull Dog Clip and Strap
Affordable and strong method of attachment for cards and card holders.

Split Rings
Good quality, durable, and affordable split key rings.

Retractable Badge Reel
Self retracting reels that can be attached to a belt or a lanyard. Allowing for easy scanning of ID cards without having to remove the card from its attachment. Available in red, royal blue and black. Can be branded as a give away.

Luggage Strap
Adjustable strap, used to attach cards or card holders to luggage.

Luggage Loop
Clear flexible loop, used to attach cards or card holders to other items.

3-In-1 Punch
Multi purpose punch, that can produce a round hole, a slot hole or round corners. Able to punch cards or paper up to 1mm in thickness. Also includes a ruler to ensure precise measurements throughout the job.

Nickel Ball Chain
A Smart durable lanyard. They can be cut to any size and used as attachments as well.